Saturday, July 31, 2004



As an editor, Tony’s decision to keep John Kerry’s name uncapitalized until he shows some leadership and substance drove me crazy, but this is his publication and I mostly agreed with him at the time.

Kerry struck me as bland, with no strong policy and no real leadership. He was an anti-war activist after Vietnam, but now his stance against the war didn’t seem strong enough. He said he didn’t want a constitutional amendment against gay marriage and would support civil unions for gay people with full benefits, but he didn’t really like the thought of gay marriage. He seemed like he just didn’t want to piss anyone off, and that’s one of my biggest gripes about today’s politics.

My views of him started to change as I was reading “Whiteout” and found out that in the late ’80s he led a Senate investigation into the CIA’s connection to the cocaine trade, and got really pissed off, and not quietly, when anyone tried to keep him from getting evidence against the CIA.

I’ve been watching him closely over the last few weeks, and though I don’t agree with everything he believes in (“No Child Left Behind” will prove to be a catastrophe to American education) I think he’s begun to come out as a real candidate, and not just Anyone But Bush. His speech at the DNC showed him to be someone with a good liberal stance on issues. I found myself saying things like “hear, hear” and “thank you” often during the speech. I didn’t really expect that.

Of course, all the major players' views about what to do about the Middle East are hopelessly flawed, but I don’t think most Americans are ready to hear that the best way to prevent terrorism is to stop being the world’s bully.

And what else are we supposed to do, anyway? Vote for Nader, the candidate from the Ego Party? It would be bad enough if he took votes from Republicans to get on the ballot and admitted it, but he’s not even doing that. He’s trying to act like these people agree with his politics. Come on. No wonder the Green Party rejected him. (I voted for Nader last time, by the way. Whoops.)

So not only am I capitalizing Kerry, I’m voting for him.


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