Thursday, October 07, 2004


... appear to be getting their collective ass in gear. A number of polls have come out today, nearly all indicating the Kerry is either slightly ahead or a dead heat. Kerry demolished Bush in the first debate and won the following spin battle for a decisive victory. Edwards earned a draw against Cheney, but more importantly, there are the several blatant lies that Cheney said, some about important matters (like that he's never suggested a link between Iraq and 9/11) and others about not-so-important matters (like that he's never met Edwards). The point about these statements is that the Democrats have been all over them, with every lefty blog in the country making lists of Cheney's lies and painting him as a pathological, compulsive liar about issues big and small. This is important: it shows that Democrats are finally starting to learn how to fight Republicans. For the first time that I can remember, the Democrats are using what media they have (though it should would be nice with a major cable news network spouting our talking points 24/7) to hammer home criticism about Republicans. This is the most effective they've been in years. And not only that, but the Right is starting to look desperate. Last night, Brit Hume goes to commercial following a line like "Why Dick Cheney always gets a bad rap and why we should all cut him some slack." He comes back and basically argues that people rag on Cheney because he doesn't smile much, and he doesn't smile much because his job is really tough. Get REAL! His job is tough? Just like George Bush's job. Maybe they should look into other lines of work...? Brit Hume is making up whiny excuses, HA! The Democrats are definitely starting to get the hang of things.

With that in mind, don't forget to be active on Friday night - vote on those online polls early and often, post on your message boards and blogs. We are staring to win this, and we cannot stop now.



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