Tuesday, October 19, 2004

If you only ever watch one baseball game in your life... 

... then you need to watch this one. The Boston Red Sox beat the New York Yankees tonight, 4-2, to force the day of days in baseball, the Game Seven. But it is more than just that. Boston lost the first three games of the series before coming back and winning the next three. That is history in itself. No one has ever even gotten this far after losing the first three, never mind win.

And then there is the Curse. No World Series Championships since 1918, and the Yankees with 26.

So this is it. Boston is going to try to do the undoable, to beat the Yankees, their archnemises for 100 years, in game 7, in The Comeback of All Comebacks. If they succeed, we will tell our grandkids about The Comeback. If they fail - then the Curse is real, and the Red Sox will be doomed to choke for all time.


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