Thursday, October 07, 2004

Taxing the Rich 

So, one of the Republican talking points of the day must be something like "rich people can hire attorneys and accountants to 'fix their tax problems.'" Bush said it in a stump speech and some chump on CNN, Tucker Eskew, just said the same thing. This is complete bullshit. Rich people can avoid paying taxes, therefore we shouldn't tax them? Boy, that is public policy at its finest. That's a real solution to a real problem - I wonder why we've been taxing rich people at all. We could've just avoided this problem from the beginning by making sure that the only people who pay taxes are the ones who cannot afford to take full advantage of tax loopholes.

Furthermore, both of these chumps of CNN, Eskew and Democrat Tad Devine, are not listening to the people asking them questions in their town-hall-style forum. A guy remarks that Racine, WI has the highest unemployment in the nation and says "we need jobs" and what are these guys going to do about it? Both of them meandered around and spouting a talking point without even listening to the guy's question. It wasn't that they didn't have very good answers - they weren't even speaking the same language as this questioner.


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