Friday, October 12, 2012


Why We Love Detective Comics

Matt Wagner covers

I'm pretty tired. I thought about skipping Batman Friday this week, but I figured I could just write up another post about a great cover and get on with my life.

So here's Detective Comics #648:
Pretty nifty, huh?

It's from 1992. (I don't know why that doesn't seem like such a long time ago. I was still in my 20s.)

That art's by Matt Wagner, of Grendel fame.

Inside, we got the second part of a storyline with the Clue-Master, and it's also the first storyline with The Spoiler, who was secretly Stephanie Brown. (The previous issue was her first appearance.) Steph would later go on to be Robin and Batgirl. (She also died and came back to life, or something.)

I have no idea what she is doing now. I don't believe they have included her in the New 52.

Those pricks.


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