Friday, February 15, 2013


Why We Love Detective Comics

Weird trivia about the Wayne family

Did you know that Bruce Wayne has a brother named Thomas?

It's true! Look it up if you don't believe me! It's from World's Finest in the 1970s. (But I will admit that since it was written by Bob Haney, it may not count except in that weird version of the DC Universe that only existed in Bob Haney's head.)

(Bob Haney is awesome, by the way.)

But this isn't about that. This is about some other weird random trivia about the Wayne family. This is from Detective Comics # 306, with a cover date of August 1962. It looks like this:

(I will have a lot more to say about this one at a later date. The villain - Professor Arnold Hugo - is one weird dude. He has a machine that made his brain really large. And he has invisible robots that you can see because they have dotted outlines! And the J'onn J'onzz story has giant robot animals that are used to rob banks and things. And just when things are bleakest, J'onn J'onzz loses his powers! And Captain Harding is so concerned about the safety of the town that he actually leaves his office! (That's when you know things are serious!))

But, no, none of that today. We are just going to be looking at a couple of panels about halfway through the Batman story.

It seems that, for charity - and you always know you are going to see something FREAKYDEAKY when the good people of Gotham City (those crazy Gothamites!) put their heads together to do something for charity - all the celebrities of Gotham City have been persuaded to act out the adventures of their ancestors in a public manner, with costumes and exotic sets and real tigers and things like that.

What could possible go wrong?

So Bruce Wayne shows up at Gotham's highest bridge wearing a purple-and-green bat costume.

What the -?

As an official of the Gotham City Historical Society explains:

In medieval times, Lancelot Wayne constructed a pair of wings -- and tried to emulate the flight of bats! He risked death gliding from a high cliff into a river! For safety's sake, we've made Bruce Wayne wear a padded suit to cushion his impact on hitting the water -- but, like his ancestor, he will try to simulate the flight of a bat.

And then Bruce adds, in a thought ballon, of course:

My ancestor was really the FIRST "BATMAN" -- and secretly, I'm still carrying out the family tradition!

Wow. Just, wow. What we've learned from this is that the Waynes have been freaks for hundreds of years! At least!

I wonder if good ol' Lancelot Wayne ever got his ass mentioned again in any other Batman story.

I'm still - Wow. Just, wow.


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