Friday, July 23, 2004


I'm still in Mississippi and I'm very busy gathering information for a paper I will be presenting at a historical conference in New Orleans next year. I have missed a lot of things that I would normally be commenting on. "Fahrenheit 9/11" is still going strong, "Outfoxed" seems to be developing into a genuine grass roots phenomenon (I heard about it in Doonesbury, which is carried in the Natchez Democrat), the war continues, and the same people who repeatedly excuse the security failures of the Bush Administration are shouting for Sandy Berger's blood because he walked off with copies of some classified documents.

BUT! I did get to see Nicole and Paris and their latest adventures. Those girls! What will they do next!

I've been meaning to link to Not In Our Name's site for some time, so here it is. The Bush-drones hate them! It makes it harder to say "Don't you care about those Americans who lost their husbands, wives and children on Sept. 11?" Not In Our Name is made up of those very family members and they are against the war.

Take a look!


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