Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Is there anything more pathetic on the current political scene than the pro-war protester?

Consider what it is they are protesting. Consider what they are angry about. Consider what's got their panties in a bunch that moves them to congregate in the dozens to shout obscenities and talking points at their fellow Americans.

Anti-war protesters have got some legitimate issues for discussion. We have questions about the war, questions that have been met with stonewalling, insults and lame rationalizations since the Bush Administration started mismanaging the War on Terror in 2001. We have questions for the reasons for the war, and why the justifications keep changing every few months. We have questions about how many corners the military has to turn before the Bush Administration has to demonstrate any competence in nation-building. And we have questions about torture, the costs of the war, corruption among the contractors, the depleted military, and the future of the nation.

We remember the days before the war, when we asked these questions about the necessity for the war, when we questioned the veracity of the intelligence on the Middle East. Our questions were not met with respectful answers from our fellow Americans. We were condemned for even asking these questions. As if there were some reason to avoid a real discussion.

What are we angry about? Dead Americans, dead Iraqis, lies, accusations of treason, threats to freedom from our own government, corruption, and a president who is an embarrassment to the civilized world.

This is why we are angry. This is what we are protesting. We are trying to stop a futile war and the ruination of American freedom and hope.

What are the pro-war people protesting? Why are they angry? They got their war. Maybe Americans and Iraqis aren’t dying fast enough or in sufficient numbers to satisfy their bloodlust. But that’s hardly the fault of the anti-war movement. They have their war and you would think that would make them happy.

But they aren't satisfied with that. They also want total, blind agreement from every American. And they are outraged that anyone would ever dare to question their splendid little war or their splendid little Fuehrer!

"How dare you disagree with us!?"

"How dare you criticize the president!?"

"He's a Republican! It's only OK to criticize the president if he’s a Democrat!"

And just exactly what are they mad about?

That millions of Americans don't agree with them. When you get right down to it, after wading through all the lame and tedious rhetoric that dissent helps the insurgents or the terrorists — unlike Republican corruption, duplicity and incompetence — the pro-war protestors are angry that we do not agree with them.

What a bunch of whiners!

What a bunch of drama queens!

Protests should be directed at the powerful. The groups of Bush supporters who show up to jeer at fellow Americans are protesting against the basic ideas of this country. We are unhappy with the direction that the country is taking. Our elected leaders have failed us, elections have been rigged, the complicit media seldom raises it voice to tell the truths that need to be told. We are unhappy about the war, the lies, the corruption, the Republican exploitation of the fear they have generated. So we protest. We have chosen the federal government, the president's vacation home, the White House as proper targets for our disgust over dead Americans, dead Iraqis, Bush Administration incompetence, torture, lies, and a horde of other transparent transgressions.

And the pro-war protesters are upset that people disagree with them. "Those anti-war people disagree with us! How dare they! Let’s go protest those lousy, un-American, treasonous disagreers!"

Our goal is ending the war.

Their goal is to silence their fellow Americans. Their only motive is to put a stop to dissent.

They have their war, they have the White House, Congress, the media, the Supreme Court. And still, they choose to protest against … protesters.

They are pathetic.

"We are upset that people disagree with us! We love the war! We hate questions! How dare you ask uncomfortable questions!?"

Is it any wonder we are suspicious of their reason, their sincerity, their devotion to democracy and freedom?

They want us to keep our mouths shut unless we think like they do. It is a travesty. They are opposed to the freedom of speech, one of the liberties that American boys are allegedly dying for in Iraq and Afghanistan. That they can protest in this manner shows how little they understand these liberties.

Some may feel this opportunistic opposition is un-American.

I believe it is sufficient to call it merely pathetic.


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