Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Excerpts from Jonah's dumb book 

Jonah Goldberg wrote a book. It was published in 2007. It is called "Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left from Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning." It is very dumb. The Conservative Dumbness Scale had to be re-calibrated in 2007 to accommodate this book's dumbness. (And then it had to be re-calibrated again in 2008 for Sarah Palin. And then again in 2009, again for Sarah Palin. And then again in 2010, this time for Rand Paul.)

Any book written by Jonah Goldberg is guaranteed to be dumb. And any book with "liberal fascism" in the title can also be counted on to be pretty dumb. But put them both together and you get a very dumb book. And "Liberal Fascism" is, indeed, a very dumb book.

I had to wait a while to get a copy for under $2.00, but I finally read the whole thing last month. And, yes, it is dumb. It's so dumb, I don't even really have to comment on it too much. All I have to do is post extracts. Jonah can speak for himself. And his own words are so damaging to his tortured reasoning that there is no reason to try to refute them.

For example:

What we do not understand is that the citizen hectored and hounded by the state to quit smoking has as much right to complain about fascism as an author would if his book was banned.

That's from Chapter Ten, pp. 387-388. (That particular sentence is so dumb, the dumbness wouldn´t fit on one page.)

(For a more detailed critique of "Liberal Fascism," check out David Neiwart's response on Orcinus.


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