Friday, June 01, 2012


Whe We Love Detective Comics

Villains Like Captain Stingaree!

Yeah. Wow! Captain Stingaree. Yup.

The main thing I like about villains like Captain Stingaree is how little there is to say about them. That is very convenient for weeks like this where I was really busy with an editing project (about which the less said the better) and I don't feel a whole lot like inscribing more than a few paragraphs.

(I guess I could just skip it this week. But, no, I guess I have to get to Captain Stingaree at some point. At least this way, I can get it over with.)

He appeared in Detective Comics #462, with a cover date of August 1976. It has nice art.

I think it's his first appearance. I guess I could go look it up on these here Internet devices that makes things like this so easy.

So here's his sparse entry at the Comic Book Database. He first appeared in Detective Comics #460. So this one here - #462 - is the final part of a three-part story - and I couldn't tell just from reading it! That's totes awesome!

So in order to confuse Captain Stingaree, who's some kind of modern-day pirate for some reason, Batman enlists three dudes who look alike - they're triplets! - to all dress up like Batman for some reason.

And it works! (God knows how.) Captain Stingaree is captured and -

Will you hate me if I give away the big, dumb revelation at the end? Please don't hate me. Anyway, you've been warned.

Captain Stingaree is captured and it turns out that the triplets - that dressed up as Batman to help Batman - weren't merely triplets. They were quadruplets!

And the wayward quadruplet was ... Captain Stingaree! (Betcha didn't expect THAT!)

Captain Stingaree also appeared in The Secret Society of Super-Villains, just in one issue, the sixth, I think. He teamed up with Captain Cold and Captain Boomerang and they went around kidnapping captains. For some reason. Nice art by Rich Buckler and Bob Layton. (This one I bought fresh off the stands when it was brand new and I never even noticed it was pretty stupid.)

Hey! Lay off Captain Stingaree, why dontcha!? I bet he could beat the Spook! (Though I've little doubt Two Tone would kick his pirate ass.)


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