Friday, June 29, 2012


Why We Love Detective Comics

The gal most likely to be -- Batman's Widow!

I'm going to just present the cover to Detective Comics #391 (September 1969).

There's not much need for too many comments. It's a sequel to a story from Detecive Comics #380. Judging just from Detective #391, I'm not convinced that it was really crying out for a continuation.

See, there's this guy who works at the club that Bruce Wayne goes to. And there's also gangsters that go to this club. And one of the gangsters is this dude who has a fancy cuisine magazine that he runs as a front for a protection racket that targets restaurants. And, um, the dude that works at the club (his name is Tim) has a girl named Ginny who is working for the dude that runs the magazine. And Bruce Wayne overhears stuff and Time overhears stuff and Ginny gets involved with the gangster dude and gets in over her head and Tim dresses up as Batman to save Ginny and, uh ...

Yup. It's one of those late 1960s Batman stories. Nice art by Bob Brown and Joe Giella.

The Robin back-up story has nice art by Gil Kane and Murphy Anderson.

And, on top of all that, you can cut out a little coupon and send $1.49 (postage prepaid!) to an address in Rockville Centre, N.Y., and get 102 little plastic ships of all nations!


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