Friday, September 14, 2012


Why We Love Detective Comics


What's not to love about Zatanna?

She's got it all!
She's got a great costume, she's beautiful and she's got a Golden Age pedigree that goes way back to the beginning because her father's first appearance was in Action Comics #1. (Her father is Zatara.)
(That's him, on the cover of Action Comics #14.)
She has some amazing magic powers. If she can figure how to say it backwards, she can do anything she wants! (Like in Power Girl #23, Zatanna (Zee to her friends) is attacked by a guy using magic who attacks her with thorn-covered ivy, and Zee shouts:


and the dangerous ivy just falls around her because now it's just pretty flower petals.)

And, in the last few years, she was also in a few issues of Detective Comics! There was a two-part story in #833 and #834, and just a few months later, another two-part story in #843 and #844.

(I'm only showing the cover to #844 because it's the best of the "Zatanna in Detective" covers.)

She looks pretty good on the interiors of these stories as well, like this page from #843 where Bruce helps her with a trick:
Well, let' see, what's going on in these issues. In the earlier opus (#833 and #834), Zee and Batman take on the Joker. It's not really a very good Joker story, I'm sorry to say. But it has some nice moments for Zee, and we find out that Zee and Bruce Wayne have known each other since they were kids. And Zatara trained Bruce on how to be an escape artist when Bruce was learning everything he needed to know to be the Batman. (That makes sense.)

The other story (the two-parter in #843 and #844) is quite a bit better as Zee and Batman take on the gangland ventriloquist's dummy known as Scarface, who has a new partner in crime, a beautiful blonde named Peyton. (Wouldn't you?)

So check it out!

Zatanna is one more reason why we love Detective Comics!


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