Thursday, April 08, 2004


Today was Condi's big day to appear before the Sept. 11 commission and fess up to the Bush Administration's negligence and manipulation and its shameless use of the Sept. 11 tragedy to promote its own political and commercial ends. The Bush Administration has talked big about protecting the country from terrorism, but when the time arrived to honestly assess problems with America's security policies and the myopia that caused the World Trade Center to become a symbol of triumph for "Islamic" fundamentalism, the Bush Administration dragged its heels every step of the way, opposing the very existence or need for the commission, refusing to cooperate, denying the prolongation of the commisson's deadline, and doing whatever seemed necessary to stifle its effectiveness.

At the coffee house where I hang out - the place is full of subversives and liberals and a bunch of people who obviously support terrorism - somebody said "Condoleezza Rice is the ugliest black woman I have ever seen."

I though that was kinda harsh! Condi is kinda cute, like a pit bull. She's just doing her job, ya know, and it can't be an easy job. Imagine having to spend all your time defending a bunch of liars and crooks with nothing but smear tactics and name-calling and "talking points" developed by a public relations staff that's not nearly as clever as you were led to believe.

So let's give Condi a break! She'd do the same for you! (Unless you're in one of those groups that supports terrorism, like the ACLU, the National Education Association, the NAACP or the Democratic Party.)

I hate to admit that I totally forgot she was testifying today. I read a little bit about her testimony on the Internet and she seems to have handled herself admirably with all those bloodthirsty subversive commission members who want to give aid and comfort to the terrorists by trying to find out how our government failed on Sept. 11, 2001.

I did notice that she was awfully kind to Richard Clarke. Last week, he was an opportunistic, disgruntled staffer who was "out of the loop" on terrorism, only interested in selling books and discrediting the president in an election year. Today, she called him a "very fine counter terrorism expert."

I'm sure he'll be putting that on his resume, Condi.

(Note: Mushtown Media Corp. will offer a longer analysis on Condoleeza Rice's testimony at a later date for readers who are interested in this liberal swill.)


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