Thursday, April 22, 2004


(Note: All letters printed in Mushtown Mail-bag are genuine letters sent by readers. We don't make them up. We don't have to. Whether or not the sender really believes what he writes is another matter entirely.)


You Fascist,
I oughta come over there and kick your bald ass. How dare you say those awful things about Mel Gibson. A man who created such works of art as "Lethal Weapon" and its various sequels. Unafraid to tackle the big issues of our time like, Why do Christian hate Jews anyway? In situations like this, I say to myself, "WWMD" - "What would Mel do?" and I think he would pull out his automatic weapon and blow your vile head off.  However since he is a closet homosexual, he might try to suck your socks off. This quandry leads me to inaction until I can telepathicaly contact Mel. So, watch your back you fascist bastard, or all the good Christians who love Mel will be waiting for you, either to orally pleasure you or kill you, depending on the judgment of the divine and holy Mel!!!!!!!

Anonymous Hater
Sodomy, Missouri


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