Sunday, May 23, 2004



This isn't a particularly clever or newsworthy posting. I'm really busy with one thing and another. (It's finals week and I started a new job and so on and so on.) This is more of a public service for my readers.

The people who hate Michael Moore really hate Michael Moore. And they have no shame about lying and lying ... and lying some more. The recent controversy over the misunderstanding between Moore, Disney and Miramax, paired with the success of Moore's new film "Fahrenheit 9/11" at Cannes, has driven the Moore-haters out of their dark and smelly holes, and I have heard and seen a lot of criticsm of Moore and his so-called tactics.

Well, unlike the members of the Bush cult, I like to look around, ask a few questions and discover for myself what is going on around me. So I do my research. And I just spent a few hours on MooreWatch.com to give the Moore-haters a chance to offer up something substantial.

And they FAILED, FAILED, FAILED miserably! I'm not going to link to them. If you really want to take a look for yourself and see how deluded and pedantic the Moore-haters are, you can type it up and look for yourself.

I am going to provide another link. Check out a message, written by Michael Moore himself, titled "Michael Moore responds to the wacko attackos". Moore defends himself and provides links to back up his assertions that everything in "Bowling For Columbine" is true. There are a lot of other allegations available on MooreWatch.com that Moore doesn't mention, but it is nothing more than character assassination, lame rationalizations and rants of the Bush-drone type. To address each and every one of them would require more vacation time than the president spends on his ranch at Crawford.

The Moore-haters, like all good little Bush drones, will start rationalizing about the way MMC is handling this issue, but fortunately, it is so easy to predict their line of attack. They will say MMC is biased because we didn't provide a direct link to MooreWatch.com. Well, it's pretty easy to find since I did provide the address. And they will also say that it's no use looking at Michael Moore's page because he's just going to lie some more and distort his facts and so on and etc. But Moore has links, lots of them, to answer his critics.

You had your chance, MooreWatch.com. You blew it. America is for everybody, not just for people who shout treason when they don't like what they are hearing.


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