Monday, June 28, 2004


Everybody's calling each other Nazis now.

In January, MoveOn.org displayed some short videos that compared George W. Bush to Hitler. When the Republicans stated that MoveOn.org had stepped over the line, MoveOn.org promptly removed the offending images.

Clearly, the Republicans were very upset that their Fuehrer was being compared to Adolf Hitler. I wonder why they keep their silence when other Republicans make such comparisons? (Well, consistency has never been a prominent characteristic of these people.)

For example, Rush Limbaugh has been using the phrase "Feminazi" for years when he refers to feminists. You know, those extremist, goose-stepping, Sieg-Heilers who (gasp) want equal rights and equal protection for women.

And where was the oh-so sensitive Republican Party when gubernatorial candidate Tom McClintock compared the Ku Klux Klan to the Chicano student activist organization known as M.E.Ch.A.? Some members of M.E.Ch.A. may be a little overbearing at times but they have never burned crosses, terrorized sharecroppers, denied voting rights, destroyed black newspapers, or lynched and mutilated thousands of defenseless black men. In McClintock's defense, he is astoundingly ignorant and probably just didn't know any better. But one of his fellow Republicans could have tried to inform him that his statement might be a little out of line.

Now, the Bush campaign - yes, the official Bush campaign, not an advocacy group like MoveOn.org - has released a video that shows clips of Al Gore, Howard Dean, Michael Moore and john kerry. And compares them to ... Hitler!

As usual, Republican rules don't apply to Republicans.

The only reason the Republicans aren't more like the Nazis is because they haven't had time and because the system set up by the Founding Fathers has worked to stop it ... so far. The Bush Administration has suspended basic Constitutional guarantees for thousands of people, including several U.S. citizens. They have used a national emergency to extort broad powers and discretion for themselves, to gather intelligence, make arrests, tap phones, infiltrate "dissent" groups, and to control the media. They have organized their drone-like minions to intimidate and harrass dissenters (people who ask questions when things look fishy) so that they will be silent.

The Republicans are not as bad as the Nazis. Not yet. But it's not for lack of trying.

If the Bush Administration doesn't like it when they are compared to the Nazis, maybe they should quit acting like Nazis!

Why don't you try that some time!


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