Friday, September 03, 2004


I got this from the New York Observer:

Bo Derek held forth at a press conference in a side room. Well, actually she doesn’t hold forth. She’s a demure sort, in pastel paisley. She carried a bone-colored purse and said with a bashful sweetness that she was voting for George Bush because of his courage.

A reporter baited her. "Are you the right wing’s answer to Susan Sarandon?"

Bo wasn’t built for New York sarcasm, and her self-esteem cratered.

"Absolutely not! She’s so smart, she’s so brilliant. Look at me, I’m blonde!" She sent her shoulder-length hair flying with a hapless fling of her hand. "No one should vote the way I vote!"

That is so cute! And I bet Bo wasn't even half-trying to make the press look stupid.
Not that it's hard. Look at how many broadcast outlets of the so-called liberal press are treating the Swift Boat Veterans for Troof as a credible organization without any meaningful scrutiny of their lies, lies, lies!


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