Friday, September 17, 2004



Even before I started looking into how polls are conducted and how unreliable they are and how easily they can be skewed, I was very suspicious of the polls of the last few weeks. Come on! The war is going badly, the economy is flat (I'll be nice), and nobody in the administration can answer a direct question or assume any responsibility for anything. And that's just for starters!

The American people are not stupid. They are generally suspicious of politicians. But they do not know quite what to make of the Rove-Cheney hate machine and the Fox News Fantasy World. It may have taken my fellow Amerocans awhile to recognize that this is not politics as usual. The operatives of the Bush Administration ... Why go on? Those of you who know, know. Those of you don't know will soon be giving the Bush Administration the permission to destroy you.

But the people as a whole have had it with George W. Bush and his gang of vampires and thugs and crooks.

I could link to several articles on polling but I don't have a lot of time today. So here's one I came across just now that might provide a little insight on what's up with the polls.

I've been crying a lot lately. I walked across campus a few days ago with tears running down my face. If someone had asked me what was wrong, I would have told them. The war goes on and the thugs in the Bush Administration act like its no big deal. They will bring back the draft next year, and some of the people who put George W. Bush back in the White House will be very surprised to find themselves, or their husbands, or their wives, or their children, in the desert in Iraq wondering if they will ever get the chance to punch George W. Bush in the face.

Peace to you all. I pray that George W. Bush will soon look deep inside himself and find the man he could have been, a man who can realize he has been wrong, a man who can admit that the whole adventure was a mistake.

It won't wash away the blood that has been shed because of you, Mr. President, but history will look on you a little more kindly.


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