Friday, November 05, 2004


I've been frantically trying to get caught up on the school work I've neglected lately because of election distractions - including a little trip to Las Vegas to get out the vote for Kerry on Election Day - and I haven't been posting. I also was thinking of pretending that Kerry won for a few days, just to retain my faith in America. (Been walking around with my hands over my ears, chanting, "La la la la la.") I thought posting that Kerry had won might hurt the credibility of this site.

Now I'm not so sure. Read this article on yahoo.

The Bush-drones will start calling us "whiners" and "cry-babies." You know, how dare we point out blatant election irregularities? What do we think this is, a democracy? Should Kerry votes count as much as Bush votes?

I can take being called a "whiner" or a "cry-baby." It's better than being called a "traitor" or a "freedom hater." And I put up with that for a long time.

I wonder if the Bush-drones can put up with being called "cheaters" for the next four years?

And does it make me a "traitor" to say that?

UPDATE: Daily Kos has a good analysis of the issue of voter fraud in Ohio.


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