Thursday, January 20, 2005



I'm kind of mean, and I like stuff like this.

You know how, like, there's a war going on in Iraq? And how there are a lot of Republicans, they mostly support the war? And there's a lot of people, lots of Democrats and independents, and they tend to be against the war? And, you know, how like the Republicans say, like, if you are against the war, then you don't support the troops? And you hate the troops and you hate America? And how, when we're at war, you have to support the president, just because we're at war? That if you don't support the president, then you are a traitor because ... we're at war, damn it!

Well, I have a little surprise for you. The Republicans are a bunch of flip-floppers! Here's some quotes from the 1990s, when Bill Clinton was president and the US was getting involved in Bosnia.

"You can support the troops without supporting the president." - Trent Lott

"Just because President Clinton has made a decision and the troops are already landing, I'm not going to endorse a wrong decision after the fact." - Trent Lott

"US troops will be deployed in Bosnia no matter what the Congress does. Congress should support the troops without endorsing the president's policy." - Arlen Specter

"I deplore the action of the president, but it is his decision and I will abide by that decision and support it, but, know well that it is a tragedy about to unfold." - Rep. George Gekas, R-Pennsylvania.

"We should not send young men and women to their death without being fully resolved that what they might die for is worth the price. I don't believe that the mission that's been outlined is worth that price." - Sen. Hank Brown, (R-CO)

"Why should you ask blood be spilled for a cause that is not in the interest of the American people." - Rep. WALLY HERGER (R-CA)

"Well, I don't support the policy so much as I support the troops." - PAT BUCHANAN

"It would be wrong to make our young men and women bear the brunt of a decision not made by them. We don't support the president's decision. We do support the troops." - Bob Dole

Oh, wait, I forgot! These are Republicans! They don't have to be consistent. Or honorable. Or decent.

To my dear Bush-drone friends: Please, leave your comments below. I love to make fun of your lame rationalizations, your childish lies, and your logical fallacies.


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