Sunday, February 06, 2005


We hear so much about the "Liberal Media," but I find that when I challenge this faith-based conservative belief, the answers are not very compelling.

"How is CNN the liberal media?" I've asked more than once. Instead of offering examples, the brain-washed conservatives just sort of hurrumph and snort and seem shocked that anyone would ask such a question. I am a liberal, which means that I like examples, not worshipful repitition, and I can offer up numerous, specific examples of conservative media bias. (I won't do it here. Media Matters does it all the time. Go to mediamatters.org for examples of the LCM (Lying Conservative Media).)

So check this out. The New York Times had a story about the hump on the preznit's back, the hump that was almost certainly proof that the preznit cheated during the debates with Kerry - and still had his head handed to him by John Kerry. (Well, just because John Kerry can kick the preznit's ass without cheating, it doesn't mean he'd be a better president.)

Read "The Emperor's New Hump" for an all-too typical story about the so-called liberal media giving Bush an undeserved break from scrutiny. If Fox News had a similar story about Kerry, they wouldn't have hesitated to run it .. even if it wasn't true!


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