Monday, February 28, 2005


Not really!

Actually, today I'm linking to some very fun sites. The first is the funniest blog ever. It's the Hulk's blog and it's good for hours of laughter. Hulk describes the various problems he has living in New York, promoting his snow shovelling business, dealing with Bruce Banner's mail, and expressing frustration with Mr. Fantastic, who cheats at Connect Four.

Next is veryverygay.com, which, er, well, you'll have to look at it to see how funny it is. One of the funniest items is the outraged teenage girls writing in, all upset that anyone would suggest that Elijah Wood is gay. Look for it!

Then there's Engrish.com which is just as offensive as it sounds, but very, very funny.

Another site I like is devoted to the Japanese actress and singer Meiko Kaji, most famous for her performances in great '70s Japanese exploitation films like "Female Convict Scorpion - Jailhouse 41" and "Lady Snowblood." The latter film features a song, "Flower of Carnage," sung by Meiko Kaji, that Tarantino used in "Kill Bill, Vol. 1." This is not a site you go to for the ha-ha, I just love her movies and this is a cool site.

I put all these over on the blogroll so they will always be easy to get to.

Everybody, have fun, drive carefully, and deploy your troops responsibly.


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