Tuesday, May 17, 2005



Check out These Are Dark Times: Newsweek & the Koran for a much better analysis than anything I could write.

Newsweek's unidentified official is not the only source for information that the Koran was desecrated, nor that other atrocities have been perpetuated by U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. The story has been around in various forms for months. It is true, and you would have to be the most thick-headed truth-hating conservative in the Republican Party to think otherwise.

And do you really think that the riot was caused ONLY by the Newsweek article? Maybe the people are also a little peeved at the bombing, the killing, the torture, the lies and the fact that the incompetent Bush Administration can not cork the carnage it so unwisely unleashed.

And even if it were true that the story is false and was the only cause of the violence in Afghanistan, why blame Newsweek? Why not blame the rioters and the people who did the killing, why not take a consistent stand as the "party of personal responsibility"? It would be nice, just once in a while, every so often, if conservatives could just be a little consistent, just to show that they have a little honor or decency, and aren't a bunch of flip-floppers, always seeking the best political advantage, no matter how dishonorable their tactics.

You know what I mean, like when, for example, the police in Compton shoot 120 rounds at an unarmed black man in a residential neighborhood, and shoot one of their own at the same time they are endangering innocent people in the neighborhood, there's always some Repug joker defending the police with a crack like, "Well, when the police tell you to stop, you stop," thus exonerating the police. Or when some people were seeking better ways to combat terrorism and were discussing America's foreign policy as a possible cause for September 11, the conservatives were always eager to jump in with an inane comment, like, "You liberals always want to blame America first! Why don't you blame the terrorists?"

But when you're a Repug, you don't care about being consistent or appealing to rational people. All that matters is the smear and the hate and the hypocrisy that energizes the Republican base. And they are not rational people.

UPDATE: More here. Read "Pakistani ex-Gitmo prisoner alleges Quran abuse." Feel free to leave anti-Islamic comments below if you think all Muslims are liars. It's a free country. So far.

UPDATE II See what Juan Cole has to say on the subject. (Sorry, brain-dead Kool-Aid-drinking Bush-drones. You got NOTHING on this story.)

Ein Volk! Ein Partei! Ein Kirche! Ein Fuehrer!

Heil Bush!


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