Saturday, June 25, 2005



And I think Republicans are disgusting.

As a liberal, I feel that ant-war veterans should be heard and they should be respected. I also think that it is vile and shamelessly exploitive for the Repugs to repeat the talking point that protesting the war is unpatriotic and even treasonous. If you are a Repug who repeats this divisive and hateful rhetoric, you should be ashamed of yourself, and you should certainly reconsider whether or not America is the right country for you. Perhaps you would be happier living in the country of one of our dictatorship allies, like Saudi Arabia or Pakistan or Uzbekistan, where you could support the repressive regime in power and be perfectly happy because there dissenters are jailed, killed and tortured.

And if you are one of the rank-and-file Republicans who has timid doubts about the legitimacy of shouting treason, remember that you are responsible if you don't speak out against the excesses of your party. Nazi Germany was full of people like you in the 1930s and 1940s, people who shut their eyes and closed their ears and rationalized their support for Hitler. I think America deserves better.

Read "Coming Home: A Vietnam Veteran Remembers" from Daily Kos, written by a member of Vietnam Veterans Against the War. Being a liberal, I don't think you are traitor if you disagree with the sentiments in this diary. But please, think for yourself, ignore the mindless and robotic Repug talking points. It is shameful to call dissenting veterans traitors. And Repugs do it all the time.

Ein Volk! Eine Partei! Eine Kirche! Ein Fuehrer!



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