Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Why Sanrioism?: Hello Kitty Invasion of American Childhood and the Deterioration of Disney Industry 

Sanrioism has been consuming numerous population within the United States. In Japan, Sanrio Incorporated has been producing popular characters such as Hello Kitty, My Melody and Pomu Pomu Purin and their fuzzy-friendly goods for a long time. They have been successful establishing its own theme park called Puro Land and Hello Kitty Style Wedding Celemonies within Japan. In current years, the company has been successful selling their products all over the world including the United States. However, why the US becoming crazed with this Sanrio worship of buying their products? Why this Sanrioism so attractive?

Kids used to beg for Disney character goods and going to the Disney World and going to the Disney movies. Now they are begging to buy Sanrio goods other than computer games such as Pokemons and Yuugiohs. Where did Dungeons & Dragons and Monopolies go?

One of the causes may be due to the rise of the class conflict and antagonism toward large corporation within the United States. Disney Incorporated has been rumored that its moral superiority has declined after the death of Walt Disney himself.
The above site reveals the Disney's supporting companies that also broadcasts violent programs suitable for the adult entertainment. Those supporting companies such as Mirmax Film, ESPAN, and numerous other companies have been showing anything the adult consumer wants, "sex violence, and whatever" to sell their products. This greedness of the production companies may caused disgust among the consumers; hence, decline in terms of the demand of the Disney products among the US consumers.

Secondly, globalization of economy, especially the US-Japanese economic dependence may have caused the rise in availability of such Japanese products. Since after the end of the Pacific Ocean War, the United States have been aggressively supportive of the Japanese economy to keep the strategic base in Japan to watch over the communist aggression in Asia. The US has rebuilt Japanese economy and now the US has been supported by the Japanese economy to wage this war in Iraq.

The American curiousity toward the exotic Japanese culture appears to be continuous. Hello Kitty is Mysterious. As the previous reporter, Tony Seybert suggested, Hello Kitty's first name is not Hello. But what do we know other than Hello Kitty is supposed to be a kitty? Does she poop just like my pet cat? What does she eat? How come she seem to have a western name even though she is a Japanese product? The truth is that the Japanese fascination over the Western culture after the defeat in 1945, may have never really ceased to exist either. If we look at the Japanese pop culture, we see numerous products emulating the Western products including the misspelled English word signs on Engrish.com.

I can keep blogging over this rise of Sanrio Inc. and the decline of the Disney Inc. for hrs and hrs, however, I as a human being, also must get some sleep. However, this invasion of Japanese Kitty cult in the United States, must be emphasized as one of the US cultural crises of today. Still, whether Hello Kitty poops or not is a mystery.

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