Sunday, November 27, 2005


It's true! Kate Moss has never done drugs in her life! She just looks like she's high because of the cruel and inhuman manner in which supermodels are treated sometimes.

For example, take a look at this video clip. Kate is topless and jumping up and down to get the right effect for a sadistic photographer. After a few minutes of this, vertigo takes over, she goes mad and tries to eat the red construction paper background, and then she suffers a head injury when she finally falls - dizzy, exhausted and humiliated - to the ground.

THIS is the reason for the bizarre and whacky behavior of supermodels. I mean, really, aside from the video of poor Kate snorting blow, what real evidence is there that Kate Moss is a coke head?

UPDATE: If you read the comments on the link, you will see that someone is disputing the identity of the girl in the video. They are saying it is not Kate Moss. Danny Disputer does not elaborate. Here is a link to The Superficial which describes the story and has an image of the dancing girl as a video capture, and it sure looks like Kate Moss to me! That doesn't prove that it IS her, of course. I'm just putting it out there so the reader can decide. Anybody who knows anything about this, say something in the comments. Even if it's not Kate Moss, it's pretty funny. Not quite as funny, but still funny. What would be really funny is if it was one of the Bush girls.)


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