Friday, July 14, 2006


Remember when I was making such a big deal out of From Russia With Love? Well, On Her Majesty's Secret Service is better.

I almost cried at the end.

Fleming was really in the zone when he wrote On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Bond meets a girl while tracking down Blofeld, finds her to be someone he can love and maybe even marry, then gets sent on a mission to a mountaintop retreat in Switzerland where Blofeld is reputed to be holed up. It's a sort of a combination ski resport, laboratory, and facility for the study and cure of allergies (so common on Alpine mountaintops that it is scarcely worth noting).

Well-written, well-paced, suspenseful, exciting and action-packed, On Her Majesty's Secret Service also avoids all the outdated attitudes towards race and homosexuality that often mar the other books (even as they make them kind of funny at the same time).

Highly recommended. (The movie, as I recall it, follows the book very closely. So if you saw the movie, you may have guessed why I almost cried at the end. Fleming handled the written version of the event very well, and I was so into the book that I almost felt like I was there.)

Next: Well, probably either Thunderball the movie (if they ever get it back at the video store) or You Only Live Twice the book. Or I might complete the Timothy Dalton films by reviewing License to Kill.


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