Friday, December 21, 2007

Giving Jonah's book more scrutiny than it deserves 

Making fun of Jonah's book "Liberal Fascism" has been fun, but some conservatives are responding predictably. "All you liberals do is make fun. You can't respond in a respectful tone, and you aren't addressing the serious allegations of the book."

This book, quite frankly, doesn't deserve any respect. And neither does anyone who defends it.

And it's very annoying to hear whiny conservatives get all politically correct over rudeness considering the wankers they vote into office on a regular basis.

Another thing that's annoying about conservatives is their astonishing ignorance and their laziness. Honest decent people know how to do a little research on their own and find several different sources and figure out what the buzz is about. Conservatives show up on liberal Web sites and expect liberals to do the work for them. (Just like in the real world.)

Look, guys, if you had any honesty or decency in your souls, you would already know why Jonah is full of crap. (But then, if you had any honesty or decency in your souls, you would have abandoned the sophistry and the logical fallacies of the conservative movement long ago.) So I think it's understandable that "liberals" - the word you use for anyone who can see through your nonsense - dont' take you seriously, and frequently don't view your efforts as good faith attempts to see the other side. The information is out there, for good, honest, decent people who have the ambition to learn about their world. Do conservatives really expect to be treated seriously when they go to a liberal humor site and expect other people to do all that work for a bunch of nitwits who seems to have no idea that there is a real reality outside of what Rush Limbaugh tells them?

However, "liberals," accustomed as they are to doing the work that conservatives aren't intellectually equipped to handle, do sometimes step up to the plate. Orcinus has offered up the start of
a serious discussion of what's wrong with Jonah's book. All sincere conservatives, if such exist, should go there, read and think about why the conservative movement is viewed with such scorn by honest decent people.


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