Thursday, January 10, 2008

Gulf of Tonkin revisited 

Just so you know, the Republicans are looking out for us. The wars on Iraq and Afghanistan have been carried out with such speed and efficiency that they are both winding down after only a matter of months. Unfortunately, that means that a lot of conservatives who support the war may not get to see as many dead Americans as they wanted. And those conservatives who dragged their heels and didn't enlist - for very good reasons, I'm sure - may not get a chance to help in the fight in the War on Islam.

But the Republicans are aware of the problem and, bless 'em, they are working for YOU to make sure that there will always be war with Islam somewhere. So, emulating Lyndon Johnson - who should be made an honorary Republican for his role in ramping up American involvement in Vietnam - the Bush Administration may have tried to create a Gulf of Tonkin incident involving a speedboat in the Straits of Hormuz.

Discussion is here, and it includes the video of the incident, along with the laughable voice-over.

George W. Bush is no Lyndon Johnson, but the people who support Bush are much stupider than the people who supported Johnson. (And the number of people who support Bush has gotten smaller and smaller, and stupider and stupider.) So Bush can be given a pass for how transparent this incident is.

His heart was in the right place.

Note: For my conservative readers who don't know about the Gulf of Tonkin, I have provided a link to Wikipedia.

Update: Found another link on the subject.


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