Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Liberal Media. Yeah, right. Do you watch it, or do you just repeat after media geniuses like O'Reilly and Limbaugh? 

So, this entry is for all those people who seem surprised when I look at them with disgust and pity when they use the phrase "Liberal Media" as if it means anything more than a transparent conservative talking point with little basis in reality.

You know who I mean. You ask them for an example of "Liberal Media," and they respond by saying CNN, CBS, The Los Angeles Times and/or The New York Times. And then you ask them for, like, something a little more specific, like, maybe, a story or a TV segment that they saw in one of those organs, and they give you a blank look that says - "Wha -? Dude, the media clearly has a liberal bias because people I agree with politically say so. A lot! So there." (Then they stop talking to you because it's rude to expose them as they dim-witted sheep they are.)

Check out "Inside NBC News -- it's much worse than you think", a diary at Daily Kos.

The article being discussed - written by former NBC correspondent John Hockenberry - is titled "You Don't Understand Our Audience: What I learned about network television at Dateline NBC".

For those of you still persisting in your "Liberal Media" delusions, I'll be a sport and try to come up with some rationalizations you can cry to yourself at night.

1. John Hockenberry never worked for NBC.

2. John Hockenberry was never in the loop.

3. Freedom isn't free.

4. Waterboarding isn't torture and we don't do it anyway and we did it because there was a nuclear bomb about to go off in a major city and we saved hundeds of thousands of lives but we can't say what city or when because it's Top Secret and, no, it didn't just happen on "24," that was based on a real incident and you're just mad because one conservative show got past you liberal censors.


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