Saturday, January 05, 2008

Tweety wrote a book. 

Chris Matthews. He's the host of show called Hardball that should be on Fox News. Is he a well-meaning piece of garbage? Or is he a total douche?

You decide.

Here he is, on The Daily Show, getting skewered by Jon Stewart because his book is shit.

He says his book is better than The Prince.

You have his word on it.

And his nickname in the blogosphere is Tweety because, with his blonde hair and his oval head and his thin lips, he looks kind of like Tweety from the Warner Bros. cartoons.

Now you know.

(You can't tell from this video exactly how despicable he is, but he really is despicable. Don't feel bad for him because mean liberals call him Tweety. Feel bad for him because he is an empty shell of a human being who has to look at himself in the mirror in the morning, and lie to himself that he deserves his success.)


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