Monday, February 25, 2008

Stupid Conservative of the Week 


I'm not going to write about EVERY stupid conservative. There are so many. Just starting with every single conservative I've ever met or read about or heard of, that would be hundreds or thousands. And there are millions that I don't know. So it would take a while.

But sometimes I see something especially dumb. And I just saw something especially dumb.

There's this guy who calls himself Confederate Yankee. Him no like Obama.

As a matter of fact, this idea of a black man - and a Democrat! - as president has him so blinded by his partisan wingnuttery that he does what any conservative does when his carefully crafted conservative delusions are challenged. He repeats every nonsensical conservative talking point he can think of. (I sure wish the Liberal Media(TM) would stop helping to repeat these. It makes people like me wonder if the whole Liberal Media(TM) narrative is just another nonsensical conservative talking point.)

Those meanies at Sadly, No jumped in and ridiculed Confederate Yankee mercilessly. No, it's not politically correct to make fun of the mentally handicapped. (And you know how conservatives are about political correctness when it suits them.) But if you don't want to be ridiculed, you shouldn't be ridiculous.

Maybe for a little balance, I should write about one of the smart conservatives. But I'm not sure that's fair because they're only smart by comparison. George Will is probably about a hundred times smarter than Confederate Yankee and probably a thousand times smarter than Michelle Malkin.

But that's just not saying much.


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