Thursday, June 05, 2008

Comic books are kind of dumb ... 

... at times.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Here's a site called "What were they thinking?" that has a little fun with Silver Age comics. What gets me is how many of these comics I've actually read ... and frequently didn't think too much about how dumb they are. A recent entry is about "The Living Beast-Bomb," a talking gorilla who theatens to blow up Gotham City (for some reason) and he straps bombs around himself (for some reason) and Batman has to hold him off the ground or he blows up and kills everybody.

I had this in a reprint in the 1970s and I never thought twice about it. Today it looks awfully dumb. (And I bet I still have that reprint. It also has a Titano story and a Grodd story and a Wonder Woman story where gorillas from outer space turn Wonder Woman into an ape ... for some reason.)

One of the best posts this guy ever did was on a story in Superman #7 where Superman goes to Gay City ...

I love it where the assignment editor tells Lois she can't go because: "It's too dangerous ... for a woman!"


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