Saturday, June 07, 2008

Ridiculing conservatives 

Sometimes I come across something that is so batshit insane that it, by itself, completely justifies my disgust with conservatives and my endless mockery of the Republican Party.

Apparently, America's two most famous America-haters, Barack and Michelle Obama, tapped knuckles at a recent event. And to conservative activists, this is a sign of imminent doom for America.

Read "The Pursuit of Dappiness" at Sadly, No.

One perceptive quote from a conservative commentator:

Our country will be in big trouble if he is elected!!! A video will be coming out of her telling “whitey to die”. Meaning white people! Higher taxes!!! Barack Hussein Obama??? A Muslim president??? We are fighting Muslim’s in Iraq for goodness sake!!! Come on people!

If you support America's ongoing and shameful transformation into a Nation of Bed-Wetters, by all means, vote for John McCain.

(Please, please, please, Lord! Have some crazy conservative find his or her way to my site to defend these nutcases! Such fun!)


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