Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ben Stein is (still) a liar and a fraud. 

He worked for Nixon and he's always been a conservative.

So why should he start being honest and decent now?

Scientific American gets all mean and stuff and points out numerous places where Stein's intelligent design movie is dishonest rubbish.

Typically, this is the best that conservatives can do.

It's very sad.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

More proof that Obama is an elitist! 

Only an elitist would be a stealth Muslim!

Only an elitist would be the vanguard of a secret black Christian separatist plot to overthrow the government by becoming president!

Only an elitist would ___________________________ (fill in the blank with lame rationalization of the week.)!

He chooses orange juice instead of coffee! He says that rural Pennsylvanians are bitter! (And is it any wonder they (and the people telling them how to think) sounded bitter? It's not Obama's job to tell them what they think! It's Hillary and McCain's job! (And they responded nicely.))

And he can't bowl! He prefers an elitist pasttime like basketball.

For MY president, I much prefer someone who sips whiskey from a shotglass. Or somebody who doesn't know the difference between Sunni and Shia. Or somebody who was a male cheerleader.

THAT'S real America.

(P.S. Consider this MMC's endorsement of Barack Obama. If the nonstop tripe of the last few weeks is the best his opponents can come up with, he is, by far, the best candidate. About a hundred times better than Hillary. About a thousand times better than John "The Real Flip-Flopper" McCain.)


Lewis Black on evolution, ... 

the Old Testament and the New Testament.

It's very funny.

It's a YouTube video embedded in a post at the fascinating science blog Pharyngula. Watch the video, laugh, and then seach around at some of the science-related commentary. If you think Ben Stein and his retarded creationist movie are retarded, then you will find much to enjoy. If you like Ben Stein and think he is some kind of "great conservative thinker," then the only people who care what you think are other retards and Republican Party pollsters.

(Was that rude? I'll try to be more politically correct next time so as not to offend the conservatives. You know how politically correct they can be ... when it suits them.)


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